Team Training

Team training is ideal for those teams who would like to improve communication, team unity, leadership, and of course, performance.  All team training is customized to fit each team’s specific needs.

  • 1-Hour Session: A topic of the coaches choice (see sport psychology topics below) will be discussed while showing the athletes how this particular topic can help give them the mental edge in their performance.
  • 2-Hour Session: During a 2-hour session, the team can work in detail on 1 or 2 topics of the coaches choice.
  • 4-Hour Session: Ideal way to start the season off on the right foot. A 4-hour session is the best time to build team trust, set goals, and lay the foundation to good communication all season long.
  • Season Package: The Season Package is the best way to give your team the mental edge that will keep them performing at their best all season long. The Season Package includes the following:
    • Global Assessment
      • Consultant will meet with all players, coaches, and staff, as well as attend a minimum of 5 practices, in order to achieve the most insight into the complete dynamic of the organization. After interviews, meetings, and observations, the consultant will write up a complete assessment and allow coaches to pick those aspects they choose to address.  The assessment will include observations and future recommendations, and provide this information in order of priority and estimated fees for each course of action.

Strategy focus can include, but is not limited to: mental toughness, team building, motivation factors and team interventions.